Adolescent Psychotherapy

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According to the CDC’s 2020 Mortality data, suicide was the third leading cause of adolescent death, after unintentional accidents and homicide. Suffice to say, teenagers are bombarded with sexualized images, cyber bullying, social media obsession, gaming addiction, cannabis products, vaping, body image dysmorphism, sexual identity predicaments and the effects of COVID isolation.

Anxiety disorders are the most common psychiatric condition in adolescents with a prevalence of 31% according to the National Comorbidity Survey. Half of newly-onset mental disorders occur before age 18. Despite these alarming numbers, only half of adolescents are in treatment.

Notably, early intervention has been shown to significantly improve outcomes. At Hylermed, we assess, care for, and support youths ages 13 and older. Schedule an appointment with our PhD-trained therapist for individual therapy or neuropsychological testing. 


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